François Galand (previously Cointrel) is a professional pastry chef with over 30 years of experience gathered here in Australia and in his native France. With a family heritage of pastry chefs young Francois discovered his love of baking at the tender age of six, while playing in his grandfather’s patisserie in Honfluer, France.

After completing his apprenticeship, Francois furthered his experience working in patisseries in both France and London before arriving in Australia in 1991.

After a stint at La Gerbe d’Or in Paddington, Francois and two other French pastry chefs established Dinky Di Pies in Rose Bay which quickly gained a loyal clientele as its reputation spread on the quality of its pies, cakes and pastries.

Branching out on his own in 2005 he established Francois’ Pastries in Pyrmont, a boutique ‘salon de the’ which served delicate pastries and petit fours.

In 2007, François was invited to join a young company called Pie Face as executive pastry chef. Over the next nine years he developed new products for the brand and helped to establish its overseas presence.

And now in 2016, following his desire to return to traditional French hand-made artisan pastries and cakes, François has established François Artisan Baker to share his love of all things French.